Book a Council Clean Up

We provide clean up services for all residential properties in Cumberland. Find out how to book a service and have large, unwanted items picked up.

Who can Book a Council Clean Up?

  • Our residents are entitled to book a free clean up 4 times each calendar year. 
  • Our clean up services are only available to residential properties in Cumberland. We do not provide clean up services to commercial properties.

2 easy steps

Please give Council 2 weeks’ advance notice when booking your clean up.

  1. Make a booking - Phone 02 8757 9000 or book online.
  2. The night before collection - Leave your items neatly on the kerbside outside of your home.

Please stack your items no higher or wider than 2 motorbikes parked together, otherwise it may not be collected.

Presentation of waste for Council Clean up

What we WILL pick up

  • Furniture
  • White goods: fridges, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens
  • Mattresses
  • Bundled tree and plant clippings under 2 metres in length
  • Carpet and other floor coverings: please roll up and tie
  • Only up to 2 cubic metres of items for each collection

What we WON’T pick up

  • Building materials
  • Construction waste
  • Hazardous items: paint tins, batteries, light bulbs, gas bottles, electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, mobiles, DVD players, TV’s
  • Large sheets of glass, like windows or mirrors
  • NO ASBESTOS in any form
  • Motor vehicle parts, engines, car batteries or tyres
  • Fence material
  • Items that are too heavy to lift for two people

Booking more Council Clean Ups

  • Up to 4 Council clean up collections are available throughout the year for free
  • Extra Council cleanups can be booked for $94 per collection (Price current for 2023-2024 and is subject to change)
  • Download a Request for additional clean up service (PDF, 64KB)

If Council can not collect it, try these places

Furniture that’s in good condition

The Bower’s Collection and Rehoming Service ­– an environmental charity that offers free collection of unwanted household goods.


Polystyrene is the white light-weight packaging material you find in boxes. This can not be recycled in your yellow bin.

We recommend taking it to the Liverpool Community Recycling Centre at 99 Rose Street, Liverpool for free disposal and recycling.


Asbestos is very common in building materials and old homes. It is highly dangerous to humans and animals and it requires specialist treatment.

For more information and help in identifying asbestos, visit Asbestos Answers

Illegal dumping and fines

Any medium to large items left on public space for others to dispose of is considered as being illegally dumped.

  • It pollutes the environment, is a safety risk to other people, looks unattractive and devalues neighbourhoods
  • Fines of $2000 per person, or $4000 for corporations apply
  • Regional Illegal Dumping Officers are employed to find and fine illegal dumpers
  • Please report illegal dumpers by recording number plates, if safe to do so, and taking photos if possible. This will help with investigations.

You can report illegal dumping online or call Council on 02 8757 9000.