High-rise buildings and boarding houses

Discover educational programs for building owners, Body Corporates and Strata Managers – along with guidelines for boarding houses.
high rise building

Educational material for high-rise buildings

Cumberland City Council has teamed up with Fire & Rescue NSW to disseminate educational material to all high-rise residential buildings visited by Council’s Fire Safety Officers. 

Body Corporates and Strata Managers are supplied with educational brochures to distribute to the occupants of building, as well as posters for display in common areas. 

These educational materials can be accessed from the NSW Fire & Rescue website

They relate to:

  • Cooking fire safety
  • Heaters and open fires
  • Common electrical safety
  • Barbeques and LPG cylinders
  • Bedroom heating and wheat bags

Fire safety for boarding houses

All boarding houses in the local area must meet fire safety guidelines. These guidelines aim to reduce the chance of fire, and also limit a fire’s impact.

Boarding houses should all have:

  • Fire safety plans that explain how to escape the building in case of fire, and what should be done afterwards
  • Fire safety measures such as smoke alarms, evacuation lighting, fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Fire safety management that involves the owner, operator and occupants following simple steps to reduce the likelihood of a fire breaking out
  • A fire safety statement

Boarding houses also need to be registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading

Download a full outline of the guidelines. (PDF 140KB)

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