Road safety in Cumberland City

Whether you’re a pedestrian, rider or vehicle driver, everyone has to share the road and has a part to play in keeping our streets safe.

Road safety is a major concern

We are committed to the NSW Government's Road Safety Plan 2026

The hard facts

  • In the 5 years between 2018 and 2022, 26 people were killed and 2,545 were injured on roads in the Cumberland City Local Government Area, at an estimated cost to the community of over $600 million.
  • Over the 5 year period the largest number of crashes (44% on average) occurred on 50 km/h speed limit roads, 27% on 60km/h roads and 14% on 70 km/h roads.
  • 51% of all crashes occur on just 25 roads - 28% of which are on state and regional roads.
  • Drivers who live in the Cumberland City Local Government Area were involved in 1,145 crashes within the Sydney region during 2022. This included 406 crashes within Cumberland (36%) and a further 739 elsewhere in Sydney (64%).
  • The number of fatalities in 2022 has stayed on the same level of 6 as in the previous year – 6 too many.
  • Vulnerable road users were involved in crashes in 2022: Motorcyclists 8%, Pedestrians 7.1%, Pedal cyclist 1.8%
  • Over the last three year period (2020-2022) 38.7% occurred on Local roads, 36.6% on State roads and 24.7% on Regional roads.

Don't contribute to these statistics. Learn more about travelling safely on our roads, below. Or book into a road safety workshop.


Road safety tips

More information

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