Single use plastic ban

The NSW Government is banning certain plastic items in 2 stages during 2022.

From 1 June 2022

Lightweight plastic shopping bags will be banned in NSW.

From 1 November 2022

The following items will be banned in NSW.

  • single-use plastic straws and stirrers

  • single-use plastic cutlery

  • single-use plastic plates and bowls without spillproof lids

  • foodware and cups made from expanded polystyrene (EPS)

  • single-use plastic cotton buds

  • rinse-off personal care products containing plastic microbeads.

Exemptions will apply in certain settings to allow the supply of single-use plastic straws to people with a disability or medical need. The ban applies whether items are supplied individually or in packets. 

Watch the video

As the ban will have a big impact on hospitality businesses, Take 3 for the Sea, a NSW charity dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, has created a short inspirational video featuring owners of hospitality businesses who have embraced the ban and seen a positive impact on their businesses.

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For sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, read the Guide for Business 

Translated versions also available in the following languages:

Or, visit the NSW Government website.

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