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Lost 21/12/2023 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost 1 year old, male cat, named Meatballs. Meatballs is light ginger in colour, he is wearing a blue collar with fish on it. If you find Meatballs, contact his owner on 0421 483 949

Lost 26/02/24 - Cat in Granville

Lost 3.5-year-old, male cat, named Archie. Archie is a friendly tabby cat. Last seen Railway Parade, Granville. If you find Archie, contact his owner on 0404 718 729.

Lost 22/02/24 - Dog in Harris Park

Lost 2-year-old, male dog, named Trigger. Trigger is a blue, grey and white American Staffy. Last seen in Harris Park. If you find Trigger, contact his owner on 0424 991 270.

Lost 17/02/2024 - Dog in South Granville

Lost 7 year old, female dog, named Ruby. Ruby is a gorgeous carmel coloured staffy, small bubbly, extremely friendly and loves to jump. last seen Chiswick Road, South Granville. If you find Ruby, contact her owner on 0435 606 485.

Lost 07/02/2024 - Dog in Merrylands

Lost 10 month old, female and male dog named Nuke and Leigha. Nuke and Leigha are both American Staffys. The female has a dark dot on her back and the male is balck and white colouring. Nuke and Leigha were last seen around Monitor Road, Merrylands. If you find Nuke and Leigha contact their owner on 0450 436 614.

Lost 01/02/2024 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 3 year old, male dog named Terbo. Terbo is a German Shepard with brown, black and tanned fur. Terbo was last seen around Phillips Street Auburn. If you find Terbo contact his owner on 0423 954 932.

Lost 27/01/2024 - Bird in Lidcombe

Lost 5 year old, female bird, named Lulu. Lulu is a unique albino budgie with a yellow colouring. If Lulu is found please entice her with food and a blanket as her wings are not clipped. Lulu was last seen around Lidcome. If you find Lulu contact her owner on 0402 445 149.

Lost 09/01/2024 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost 1 year old, female cat, named Mimi. Mimi is a long hair Tabby cat with brown, orange, black and grey fur. Mimi was last seen around Darling Street Park and Beresford Road in Greystanes. If you find Mimi contact her owner on 0405 155 506.

Lost 05/01/2024 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 13 year old, male Pomeranian dog, named Pompeii. Pompeii is a tan/white colour and is slow but friendly. Pompeii was last seen in Auburn Road, Auburn. If you find Pompeii contact his owner on 0469 269 983.

Lost 22/12/2023 - Cat in Granville

Lost 13 year old, male fluffy cat, named Zorro. Zorro is a black and white cat with a fluffy tail. Zorro was last seen in Wallace Street, Granville. If you find Zorro, contact his owner on 0408 210 506.

Lost 19/12/2023 - Cat in Quakers Hill

Lost 9 year old, female cat, named Sookie. Sookie is a domestic small short haired cat. Desexed. Microchipped. Black and tan with white marking and green eyes. If you find Sookie, contact her owner on 0414 136 981.

Lost 09/12/23 - Bird in Wentworthville

Lost 8 year old, male bird, named Loki. Loki is a Grey Cockatiel with a bright yellow head. Last seen in Wentworthville. If you find Loki, contact his owner on 0415 091 998.

Lost 26/11/2023 - Dog in Lidcombe

Lost 8 year old, male dog,  named Yuan Yuan (yoo-an). Yuan Yuan is a brown / tan and white, long coated Chihuahua, left side 3cm lump next to tail. If you find Yuan Yuan, contact his owner on 0426 683 383.

Lost 10/12/2023 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 13 year old, male dog, named Buddy. Buddy is a small Jack Russel Terrier, multiple brown spots near his back end and one larger spot across his head, friendly, doesn’t listen very well. Last seen at Bright Street in Guildford, commonly goes through Bright Park. If you find Buddy, contact his owner on 0421 007 796.

Lost 29/11/23 - Dog in Merrylands

Lost 6 year old, female dog, named Flufly. Fluffy is a white Maltese cross pom, small pointed ear and a curl up tail, her whole body is white. She was last seen on Myall Street, Merrylands when it was raining and thundering down hard. If you find find Fluffy, contact her owner on 0481 362 943

Found 09/02/24 Rabbit in Merrylands

Found white. fluffy, female rabbit in Edna Avenue, Merrylands. If this is your pet, phone 0406 632 034.

Found - Dog in Guildford

Found O'Neil Street, Guildford.  Microchipped but not up to date

Found in Merrylands

Male Bulldog breed with white and brindle spots. Microchipped but not up to date. Found at Cumberland Highway in Merrylands. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found in Granville

Male, chocolate Labrador. Not microchipped found in Granville area. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found in Granville

Brindle male Mastiff x pup. Not microchipped. Found in Granville area. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644