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Lost 19/03/2023 - Puppy in Merrylands

Lost 8 week old puppy named Teddy. Teddy is Canine cavoodle red puppy, very friendly and has a white spot just over the belly. Last seen in Ridge Street, Merrylands. if you find Teddy, contact his owner on 0415 745 434.

Lost 16/03/2023 - Dog in South Granville

Lost 4 year old, female dog named Ruby. Ruby is a small Staffy, golden in colour. Last seen in Chiswick Road, South Granville. If you find Ruby, contact her owner on 0466 246 758.

Lost 15/03/2023 - Cat in Guildford

Lost 6 year old , female cat named Pretty Kitty. Pretty Kitty is a grey Devon Rex, with a petite build. Usually indoors. She is wearing a pink collar with a purple name tag. Pretty Kitty was last seen in Byron Road, Guildford at 3.15pm on Wednesday 15 March. She is usually quite friendly, but is likely to be frightened with being out of her normal environment. If you find Pretty Kitty, please contact her owners on 0409 003 316.

Lost 28/02/2023 - Cat in Merrylands

Lost 1 year old cat named Pupi. Pupi is a white and ginger domestic short hair male cat. He is very friendly. Usually indoors. Not wearing his collar. Last seen at Soudan Street, Merrylands. If you find Pupi, contact his owner on 0433 415 266.

Lost 04/03/2023 - Dog in Rosehill

Lost 14 week old, male puppy, named Brody. Brody is a Brindle Staffy x puppy. Wearing a black collar no tag. Last seen at Hassall street, Rosehill. If you find Brody, contact his owner on 0424 850 175.

Lost 01/03/2023 - Cat in Merrylands

Lost 7 year old, female cat named Pepper. Pepper is a domestic long hair, tabby and white in colour. Last seen at Burnett Street, Merrylands. If you find Pepper, contact her owner on 0434 021 757.

Lost 14/02/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost female cat named TIm Tam. Tim Tam has a grey / chocolate silky coat with white markings on paws and face. Last seen at Elm Road, Auburn. If you find Tim Tam, contact her owner on 0411 366 347.

Lost 24/02/2023 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Lost 5 year old, male cat named Pepe. Pepe is a tabby, wearing a black collar and bell. Last seen at Frances Street, Wentworthville. If you find Pepe, contact his owner on 0405 159 492.

Lost 23/02/2023 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 11 month old, male dog, named Dexter. Dexter is a beagle hound, brown and white in colour. Last seen at Elm Road, Auburn. If you find Dexter, contact his owner on 0419 477 828.

Lost 15/02/2023 - Cat in Granville

Lost 1 year old, male cat named Casper. Casper is all white, one blue and one brownish green eye and is deaf, Last seen in Granville. If you find Casper, contact his owner on 0416 097 905.

Lost 09/02/2023 - Dog in Tregear

Lost male, 7 months old named Zeus. Zeus is a Brindle French bulldog, male, entire not desexed, has small scars on mouth from chewing on a door, back right paw is fully black. He as a little nip of tongue missing, his face is almost fully black with no brindle. He has a white on his chin. Lives in Merrylands but was lost in Tregear.

Lost 09/02/2023 - Dog in Greytanes

Lost 4.5 year old, female dog named Jazz. Jazz is a large black dog with small patch of white on chest, short hair Great Dane x ridgeback. Last seen Gardenia Parade , Greystanes and sighted in Canal Road, Bernie St and Eldridge Street in Greystanes. If you find Jazz. contact her owner on 0425 237 408.

Lost 4/02/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost 3 year old, male cat, named Billy. Billy is a large adult ginger cat, domestic shorthair. If you find Billy. contact his owner on 0425 273 353.

Lost 01/02/2023 - Dog in Westmead

Lost 17 year old male dog named Frek. Frek looks like a large Jack Russell, is very friendly and especially loves children. Frek is old, deaf, gets tired easily and is likely distressed. Frek was last seen in Fraser Street, Westmead. If you find Frek, contact his owner on 0407 948 417.

Lost 25/01/2023 - Bird in Auburn/South Granville

Lost 4 year old female parrot named Poppy. Poppy is has red and blue feathers and was last seen at Mona Park in Auburn. If you find Poppy, a loved member of the family, please contact her owner on 0422 249 836.

Lost 31/01/2023 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 13 year old female dog named Sandy. Sandy is a fluffy white Maltese Terrier. Sandy was last seen in Hunt Street, Guildford. If you find Sandy, contact her owner on 0422 040 068.

Lost 27/01/2023 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 2 year old, female dog named Bella. Bella has white chest markings with a white tip tail. She is wearing a black collar. Last seen in Adam Street, Guildford. If you find Bella, contact her owner on 0447 836 089.

Found 09/03/2023

Senior Jack Russell / foxie male. Has a distinguished ridge down his back. Found in Targo Road, Girraween. Phone 8757 9000.

Found 09/03/2023

Male cat found in Auburn. Phone 8757 9000

Found 09/03/2023

Red cattle female pup found in Auburn. Phone 8757 9000.

Found 09/03/2023

Female Husky puppy found in South Wentworthville. Phone 8757 9000.