Lost and found animals

Lost your pet or found a stray animal? List them on this page and help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Once you submit a lost pet form to Council the content will be reviewed and the details added to this page within 2 working days. Listings will remain active for 2 months.

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Lost 14/10/2021 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost female, desexed cat named Ella. Ella is a Persian x domestic, white in colour with black patches and a black heart patch on side, with bright green eyes and a pink collar with a tag (Ella and phone number on tag). Last seen on Conifer Court, Greystanes. If you find Ella, please contact her owner on 0413 970 603.

Lost 4/10/2021 - Bird in Merrylands

Lost female bird named Ruby. Ruby is red and blue in colour with a black beak. If you find Ruby call her owner on 0415 979 497.

Lost 3/10/2021 - Dog in Sefton

Los male dog named Chewy. Chewy is a 1 year old, tan male Jack Russell x Fox Terrier with a white chest and paws and a bobbed tail. Chewy was last seen at Hector Street, Sefton. If you find Chewy, please call his owner on 0416 397 140.

Lost 19 July 2021 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost female cat named Beast. Beast is a 2 year old, Calico medium haired cat, tattooed in one ear. Last seen at Gardenia Parade, Greystanes. If you find Beast, please call her owner on 0488 444 310.

Lost 30/9/2021 - Cat in Auburn

Lost female grey / black and white cat name Bseh. Bseh was last seen on Edgar Road in Auburn. If you find Bseh please call 0406 454 649.

Lost 18/9/2021 - Cat in Merrylands West

Lost female cat named Luna. Luna is a 1 year old, with a lion mane hair cut and white fluffy fur. Luna was last seen on Valda Street, Merrylands West. If you find Luna, please contact her owner on 0405 392 811.

Lost 16/9/2021 - Lost Dog in Pendle Hill

Lost male, 2 year old German Shepard named Hulk. Hulk is black in colour on top and tan on legs. Last seen on Tharo Road, Pendle Hill. If you find Hulk please call 0406 882 199.

Lost 5/9/2021 Dog in Regents Park

Lost male, 4 year old dog named Rex. Rex looks like a fox terrier but is half chihuahua and mini fox terrier. Last seen in Bagdad Street. If you find Rex, please call 0414 071 307.

Lost 3/9/2021 Dog in Guildford

Lost 3 year old, female, black Rottweiler named Kiara. Kiara has a spiral tail and tan coloured pockets on her chest. If you find this Kiara, please call 0422 209 820.

Lost 3/9/21 Dog in Guildford

Lost 2 year old, male brown husky, cross staffy named Kovu. Kovu has a shaved patch of fur on his right side from an old wound that has healed. Last seen in Guildford on 3 September at 9pm. If you find Kovu please call 0422 209 820.

Lost 30/08/2021 Cat in South Granville

Lost male cat named Bobi. Bobi has long hair, light grey and white in colour with greeny, yellow eyes. Last seen on Lavina Street, South Granville. If you find Bobo please phone 0413 530 069.

Lost 17/08/21 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost cat named ChooChoo. ChooChoo has long brown hair and is around 5 to 7 years old. Last seen highway end of Greystanes Rad. If you find ChooChoo, please call 0476 577 604.

Lost 5/8/2021 Dog in Westmead

Lost male, desexed dog named Sami. Sami is 5 years old all white in colour with black patch on eye. Last seen at Hawkesbury Ro, Westmead. If you find Sami please call 0497 085 035.

Lost 4/8/2021 - Cat in Auburn

Lost female cat, named Mickey. Mickey is a 2 year old brown and black Tabby. Last seen on Cumberland Road, Auburn. If you find Mickey please call 0410 081 142.

Found 12/10/2021 - Cat in Westmead

Found, a young ginger cat (approximately 6 months old). No collar or microchip. Found at Pemulwuy Reserve, Westmead. If this is your pet, please call 0425 219 849.

Found 7/9/2021 - Dog in Merrylands

Found female Pomeranian. Found on Fowler Road. If this is your pet, please call 0451 754 745.

Found 19/8/2021 - Rabbit in Auburn

Large, female, black and white spotted rabbit. Found on Mona Street in front of Mona Park. If this is your rabbit please call 0451 155 199.

Found 26/8/2021 - Rabbit in Holroyd

Large brown and white male rabbit. If this is your pet please phone 0401 688 501.

Found Dog in Auburn

Black and white Staffy. Found at Princeton Circuit, Auburn. If this is your pet please contact Council on 02 8757 9000 and ask for our Animal Control Officer.

Found Dog in Guildford

Male chocolate Labrador X found in Guildford area. Is microchipped but details are not up to date. If this is your pet please contact Council on 02 8757 9000 and ask for our Animal Control Officer.

Found Dog in South Wentworthville

Male x Cattle no microchip. If this is your pet please contact Council on 02 8757 9000 and ask for our Animal Control Officer.