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Lost your pet or found a stray animal? List them on this page and help reunite lost pets with their owners.

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Lost 16/01/2022 - Dog in Fairfield Heights

Lost 3 year old, female, dark brindle, english staffy, named Piper. Piper was last seen at Fairfield Heights Woolworths on The Boulevarde in the Foyer. If you find Piper, contact her owner on 0432 288 645.

Lost 20/1/2022 - Dog in Lidcombe

Lost 4 year old, female dog, named Latte. Latte is a Jack-Russell/Fox Terrier hybrid. Relatively small (approximately 40cm long and weighs ~7kg). Latte's body has white fur. Her eyes are surrounded by light brown patches of fur and her ears are brown. The rest of her face has white fur. Last seen on Bombay Street, Lidcombe. If you find Latte, contact her owner on 0433 550 353.

Lost 18/1/2022 - Cat in Guildford

Lost 3 month old, male cat named Oscar. Oscar is mainly white with orange patches. Last see on The Esplanade, Guildford. If you find Oscar, contact his owner on 0450 084 431.

Lost 4/1/2022 - Cat in Wentworthville

Lost 5 year old, male cat named Misa. MIsa is all white, no pigment in his skin, he is deaf and is not afraid to take on a big dog, doesn't like his tail being touched. Last seen on Stapleton Street, Wentworthville. If you find Misa, contact his owner on 0452 447 836 or 0450 404 495.

Lost 10/1/2022 - Dog in Berala

Lost 10 year old, female dog named Tinkabell. Tinkabell is a large black Staffy, microchipped and desexed. Last seen on Regent Street, Berala. If you find Tinkabell contact her owner on 0415 288 270.

Lost 6/1/2022 - Cat in Granville

Lost female, desexed, 6 year old ginger cat, named Bella. Bella is a large ginger domestic short hair cat. No collar. Last seen on Jamieson Street, Granville. If you find Bella, please contact her owner on 0404 706 737.

Lost 3/1/2022 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 11 month old, male dog, named Yumos. Yumos is a light brown puppy with kink tail and messy hair which covers his face. Will come to anyone when approached but gets scared when someone tries to carry him. Last seen on Harrow Road, Auburn. If you find Yumos, contact his owner on 0434 059 716.

Lost 30/12/21 - Dog in Lidcombe

Lost 4 month old, male dog named Niko. Niko is a white / cream coloured Pomeranian puppy. Last see on Gooreen Street, Lidcombe. If you find Niko please phone, 0425 777 003.

Lost 7/12/2021 - Dog in Granville

Lost female. 7 year old dog named Abby. Abby is a tan with a white patch on her chest. Last seen walking towards Granville station. If you find Abby, please call her owner on 0426 254 001.

Lost 7/12/21 - Dog in Sefton

Lost female dog named Stormi. Stormi is a pure breed German shepherd, wearing a black collar that has spikes and a little bit of brown on her tail very friendly. Last seen on Hector Street in Sefton. If you find Stormi, please call her owner on 0431 453 226

Lost 28/11/2021 - Dog in Yennora

Lost male dog named Cookie. Cookie is a Red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi with natural bob tail. He was last seen at Boola Avenue, Yennora. If you find Cookie, please call his owner on 0417 808 868.

Lost 3/11/2021 - Cat in Lidcombe

Lost 3 year old, male, dexexed cat named Peanut. Peanut is ginger and white with a fluffy tail. Last seen on Delhi Street, Lidcombe. If you find Peanut, please call his owner on 0407 896 255.

Lost 9/11/2021 - Cat in Berala

Lost 11 month old, male cat, named Pikachu. Pikachu is a skinny, black and white kitten. Last seen at Elizabeth Street, Berala. If you find Pikachu, please call his owner on 0435 085 945.

Lost 7/11/2021 - Dog in Lidcombe

Lost female, desexed Toy Poodle named Cream. Cream is 11 years old, 2.4kg and is cream in colour. Last seen at Central Park, Botanica Drive, Lidcombe. If you find Cream, please call her owner on 0435 338 368.

Found 8/1/2022 - Dog in Woodpark

Very large, female boxer, white with brown patches and light brown hazel eyes. Found on Pambula Crescent, Woodpark. If this is your pet, phone 0452 371 421.

Found 13/12/2021 - Rabbit in Granville

Male, adult rabbit, found in Granville. If this is your Rabbit please phone 0480 139 775.

Found 8/12/2021 - Cat and kittens in South Wentworthville

Grey brown female cat with kittens. Found on Bartlett Street, South Wentworthville. If this is your cat please phone 0449 255 093.

Found 30/11/2021 - Cat in Wentworthville

Grey and white female cat with stripes and front two paws. Found on Dunmore Street, Wentworthville. If this is your cat please phone 0491 606 414.

Found 23/11/2021 - Dog in Seven Hills

Found white husky, female puppy. Found between Station and Parramatta Roads, Seven Hills. If this is your dog please call 0478 115 945.

Found 14/11/2021 - Cat in Greystanes

Found male ginger and white cat. If this is your cat please call 0410 750 192.