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Lost 26/09/2022 - Cat in Berala

Lost 5 year old, female cate, named Dolores. Dolores is a Tabby with large areas of white including lower half of face. Has an unusual lower lip that is pink but protrudes slightly. Last seen in Norman Street, Berala. If you find Dolores, contact her owner on 0408 654 204.

Lost 28/09/2022 - Cat in Guildford

Lost 11 month old, female cat, named Snowie. Snowie is cream in colour with darker colored markings on face and body, white triangle at the base of the neck and chest, she was wearing a black collar, with a bell and bow tie. Last seen in Ashby street, Guildford. If you find Snowie, contact her owner on 0416 034 929.

Lost 26/09/2022 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost 6 year old, female cat, named Beba. Beba is a domestic short hair cat with tabby colouring. Distinctive smudge on right side of her nose, white muzzle, white socks. Highly anxious, will not approach people, and is afraid of adult males. Will most likely try and hide. Recently surrendered to us, and is not yet micro-chipped. If you find Beba, please phone 0433 727 306.

Lost 27/09/2022 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Lost 1 year old, male cat, named Stormy. Stormy is grey and white in colour with short hair. Last seen in South Wentworthville area. If you find Stormy, contact his owner on 0424 000 991.

Lost 21/09/2022 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Lost 8 month old, male cat, named Lunar. Lunar is black and white in colour and was last seen in South Wentworthville. If you find Lunar, contact his owner on 0423 082 017.

Lost 17/09/2022 - Cat in Lidcombe

Lost 4 year old, female cat named Topaz. Topaz is a Topaz is a 4.5 year old, domestic short hair. She is mainly light ginger with some white stripes and light yellow eyes. She also has a small scar above the mouth, on her left side. She's on the smaller side for an adult cat. Last seen at Kerrs Road, Lidcombe. If you find Topaz, contact her owner on 0430 001 486.

Lost 04/09/2022 - Cat in Greystanes

Lost 9 month old, male cat named Jojo. Jojo is grey tabby in colour with white accents, very playful. Last seen at Merrylands Road in Greystanes. If you find Jojo, contact his owner on 0422 414 500

Lost 25/08/2022 - Cat in Merrylands West

Lost 2 year old desexed male cat named Spot. Spot is a grey and white tabby cross with white tip on the end of tail. Last seen in Burnett Street, Merrylands West. If you find Spot, please contact his owner on 0450 802 950.

Lost 24/08/2022 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Lost 3 year old female cat named Mona. Mona is striped grey and brown with white paws, a white belly and hind legs. Last seen in Brewer Crescent, South Wentworthville. If you find Mona, please contact her owner on 0481 155 860.

Found 04/10/2022 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Found grey and white, male cat on Frances Street, South Wentworthville. If this is you pet, please phone 0424 000 991.

Found 18/09/2022 - Dog in Pendle Hill

Found around Targo Road, Pendle Hill. Male, Labrador retriever brown in colour. If this is your pet please phone 0415 168 470.

Found 13/09/2022 - Dog in Greystanes

Found female dog, a white toy poodle. If this is your dog, please phone 0416 820 84.