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Lost 18/06/2024 - Dog in Pendle Hill

Lost 15-year-old, female dog, named Doggie. Doggie is a Black Labrador cross, last seen in Warman Street, Pendle Hill. If you find Doggie, contact his owner on 0422 104 710.

Lost 03/05/2024 - Cat in Northmead

Lost 5 year old, male cat, named Ginger. Ginger is a short haired ginger orange and white cat. Very timid and shy. Meows a lot if stressed. If you find Ginger, contact his owner on 0452 087 817.

Lost 01/06/2024 - Cat in Guildford West

Lost 2 year old, cat named Sugar. Sugar has a has a distinctive white and grey fur coloration. He have a large, fluffy body and a round, friendly-looking face. Its coat is thick, soft, and fluffy, with a mixture of white, grey, and light brown coloring. Last seen in Parkes Street, Guildford West. If you find Sugar, contact his owner on 0405 743 137.

Lost 23/05/2024 - Bird in Merrylands

Lost male bird, named Bobby. Bobby is a Cockatiel of a white/yellow-grey complexion. Last seen near Adam Street/Excelsior Street in Merrylands. If found, please contact the owner on 0452 337 007.

Lost 01/05/2024 Cat in Merrylands

Lost 9 year old, male cat, named Thomas. Thomas is tri-coloured, adult cat. Last seen in Fowler Road, Merrylands. If you find Thomas, contact his owner on 0415 151 436.

Lost 16/05/2024 - Cat in Guildford West

Lost male cat, named Tekeisha. Last seen at Wisdom Street, Guildford West. If you find Tekeisha, contact his owner on 0405 282 162.

Lost 01/05/2924 - Cat in Guildford

Lost 7 year old, male cat, named Hagrid. Hagrid is shy cat, light ginger in colour. Last seen in Guildford. If you find Hagrid, contact his owner on 0417 682 514.

Lost 14/04/2024 - Cat in Merrylands

Lost female cat, named Fluffy. Fluffy is grey in colour at the top and white from the bottom, has beautiful eyes near her eyes like eyeliner. She is long haired. Last seen in Davies Street, Merrylands. If you find Fluffy, contact her owner on 0410 557 897.

Lost 24/04/2024 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 2 year old, female dog, named Lucy. Lucy is a red grill coloured medium sized Husky. Last seen at Killeen Street, Auburn. If you find Lucy, contact her owner on 0461 588 433.

Lost 15/04/2024 - Cat in Merrylands

Lost grey female cat, named Bubbles. If you find Bubbles, contact it's owner on 0402 766 093.

Lost 14/04/2024 - Bird in Woodpark

Lost male, blue Indian Ringneck Parrot, named Bluey. Bluey has a green ring around his leg. He can talk and says what are you doing and pretty bird. Last seen in Woodpark. If you find Bluey, contact his owner on 0414 632 859

Lost 09/04/24 - Cat in Auburn

Lost 1+ year old, male cat, named Kiyo. Kiyo is black and white in colour with his right tooth sticking out. Last seen a Hall Street, Auburn. If you find Kiyo, contact his owner on 0410 300 831.

Lost - Cat in South Wentworthville

Lost 5-year-old, female cat, named Whiskey. Whiskey is a tabby with motley colours. Would be very hard to get close to and would run away from you. If you find Whiskey, contact her owner on 0423 739 490.

Lost 23/03/2024 - Bird in Westmead

Lost 4.5 year old, male bird, named Gizmo. Gizmo is a yellow, orange Lutiono Lorikeet. Last seen at Fraser Street, Westmead. If you find Gizmo, contact his owner on 0490 915 927.

Lost 01/01/2024 - Cat in Lidcombe

Lost 2 year old, male cat, named PASA. PASA is a British short hair very cute cat been missing for 3 months know was loved by the whole street. If you find PASA, contact his owner on 0416 355 914.

Found 01/06/2024 - Cat in South Wentworthville

Found white, male cat with green eyes and a short tail. Very friendly and affectionate. Not desexed and not microchipped. Found at Old Prospect Road, South Wentworthville. If this is your pet, phone 0420 518 721.

Found 04/04/2024 - Cat in Auburn

Found domestic short hair ginger and white male kitten. Around 9 to 10 weeks old. Phone 0481 225 100.

Found - Dog in Westmead

Male Maremma x white and brown in colour, found in Westmead area. Phone 8757 9000

Found - Dog in Merrylands

Male Pointer x dark brown / black in colour, found in Merrylands. Phone 8757 9000

Found 09/02/24 Rabbit in Merrylands

Found white. fluffy, female rabbit in Edna Avenue, Merrylands. If this is your pet, phone 0406 632 034.

Found - Dog in Guildford

Found O'Neil Street, Guildford.  Microchipped but not up to date

Lost Pets at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

This facility looks after stray animals that are handed in, along with lost or rescued cats and dogs. Depending on circumstances, all animals will be held for a specific period.

Address and contact details

Address: 10 Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave NSW 2756
Phone: 02 4560 4644  Fax: 02 4577 6604

Opening hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 4:30pm
  • Saturdays 8:30am to 12pm
  • Sundays 8:30am to 12pm

Website: Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter