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Lost 14/09/2023 - Dog in Merrylands

Lost 1 year old, male dog, named Tank. Tank is a Pure bred American Stafford/shire terrier with a white chest, dark brown with a brown back. Last seen around Stocklands Merrylands (near St George Bank) If you find Tank, contact his owner on 0450 513 611

Lost 05/09/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost 4 year old, male cat, named Storm. Storm has grey and white fur, he is of mild weight and has green/yellow eyes. He has more white than grey in his fur and is striped. Last seen at Elm Road, Auburn. If you find Storm, contact his owner on 0406 795 625

Lost 07/09/2023 - Dog in Granville

Lost 12 year old, female dog named Snowball. Snowball is a white Maltese cross chihuahua with a pink nose on the day she went missing she was hearing a fuzz yard brand harness. If you find Snowball, contact her owner on 0403 169 909.

Lost 03/09/2023 - Dog in Auburn

Lost 6 month old, male dog, named Zoro. Zoro is mainly white in colour with  black spots and a black and white eye patch. Last seen at Maranoa Street, Auburn. If you find Zoro, contact his owner on 0499 711 251

Lost 02/09/2023 - Dog in Pendle Hill

Lost 8 year old, female dog, named May. May is a black and white Maltese x poodle. If you find May, contact her owner on 0416 743 746

Lost 23/08/2023 - Dog in Westmead

Lost 10 year old, female dog, named Polly. Polly is a small, brown coloured dog with two black ears and a curly tail. Last seen at Alexandra Avenue, Westmead. If you find Polly, contact her owner on 0423 535 577.

Lost 28/08/2023 - Dog in Merrylands

Lost 12 year old, male dog, named Coby. Coby is small, predominantly white with a large light grey patch on his back and some grey on his head. His fur is fairly long at the moment and wavy. He was wearing a blue harness, green collar, and blue bandana. His right tooth often sticks out. Last seen Merrylands Road, near Memorial Avenue. If you find Cody, contact his owner on 0431 233 392.

Lost 26/08/2023 - Bird in Guildford

Lost 3 year old, male bird, named Nanas. Nanas is a blue/violet Indian ring neck parrot lost at 5pm on 26/08/2023. He is a tamed and friendly bird who talks e.g “I love you”, “thank you”. If u spot him anywhere please phone his owner on 0470 670 253.

Lost 24/08/2023 - Dog in Lidcombe

Lost 1 year old, male dog, named Barton. Black and tanned German Shepard, ran away from home on 24 August between 7:45pm and 8:10pm. Last seen Platform Street, Lidcombe. If you find Barton, contact his owner on 0406 163 631.

Lost 13/08/2023 - Bird in Westmead

1 year old, male Lorikeet named Lucky. Very friendly and very much loved and missed. If you find Luck, contact his owners on 0431 151 210.

Lost 16/08/2023 - Cat in Granville

13 month old male, cat named Peanut. Peanut is a domestic cat with long black and grey hair. Last seen at O'Neill Street, Granville, If you find Peanut, contact his owner on 0451 863 077.

Lost 09/08/2023 - Cat in South Granville

Lost male cat named Rocky. About medium sized. Grey with a tiny bit of white on his throat. Fluffy tail, stomach and neck. Yellowish eyes. No collar. If you fimd Roack , contact his owner on 0404 467 550. 

Lost 31/07/2023 - Dog in East Lidcombe

Lost male, dog named Woody. Woody is a grey and white haired silky terrier cross Shih tzu. Last seen in Victoria Steet, East Lidcombe. If you find Woody, contact his owner on 0428 242 738.

Lost 11/07/2023 - Cat in Westmead

Lost 7 year old, female cat named Smudge. Smudge is a tabby, mainly white in colour. Limp on one leg from recent surgery for a broken leg. If you find Smudge, contact her owner on 0432 251 847.

Found in Merrylands

Male Bulldog breed with white and brindle spots. Microchipped but not up to date. Found at Cumberland Highway in Merrylands. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found in Granville

Male, chocolate Labrador. Not microchipped found in Granville area. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found in Granville

Brindle male Mastiff x pup. Not microchipped. Found in Granville area. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found - Dog in Guildford

Male Husky x German Shephard, not chipped found in Guildford. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644

Found - Rabbits in Merrylands

Two Friendly rabbits in Merrylands. Contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644