Lost and found animals

Council has launched a new lost and found animals page that aims to help reunite owners with their lost pet.

Once you submit a lost pet form to Council the content will be reviewed and the details added to this page within 2 working days. Listings will remain active for 2 months.

To remove your listing from this page or amend any details, please email

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Lost - Dog in Merrylands

Lost male dog named Peter, Pure Breed Black PUG, desexed. Last seen on Smithfield Park walking track, Low Street in Smithfield. If you find this pet please call 0416 106 368.

Lost - Cat in Bossley Park

Lost female cat named Meower. 1 year old, black and white tuxedo, with white socks, long haired and fluffy tail, Last seen on Derwent Street in Bossley Park. If you find this pet please phone 0431 148 422.

Lost - Cat in Rouse Hill

Lost male cat named Mushoo, light ginger catch and desexed. Last seen on Lahore Street in Rouse Hill. If you find this pet please call 0430 525 230

Lost - Dog in Berala

Lost male dog named Teddy, hazel brown fur with a black hair mixed on his tail, desexed. Last seen on Seventh Avenue in Berala. If you find this pet please call 0415 968 239.

Lost - Dog in Guildford

Lost female dog, Chihuahua Smooth white and light tan, near tail aged 18 months, desexed, named Nala. Last seen on Henry Street in Guildford. If you find this pet please call 0450 676 724.

Lost - Cat in Guildford

Lost female cat, aged 3 months, named Unicorn. Domestic medium hair, tabby, kitten. Last seen in Guildford. If you find this pet please call 0488 880 029.

Lost - Cat in Guildford

Very sweet, timid, domestic, medium hair, tabby, 3 months old, desexed and microchipped, named Unicorn. Last seen on Rowley Road in Guildford. If you find this pet please call 0488 880 029.

Lost - Dog in Guildford

Little brown Pomeranium, 10 months old, microchipped, named Nala. Last seen Woodville Road, Old Guildford. If you find this lost pet please call 0420 56 0349

Lost - Cat in Merrylands

Domestic short hair, tabby and shite cat with white legs and tummy. A very shy girl, will run away when strangers approach, 10 months old, female, desexed, named Xiao Ru (pronounced as See - ah - o Roo). Last seen Dressler Court Merrylands, If you find this pet please call 0468 624 846.

Lost Cat in Wentworthville/Constitution Hill

Lost female cat, aged 1 and half to 2 years old, desexed, named Stowaway. All white, blue eyes with hereditary deafness. Last seen near Hart Drive, Constitution Hill/Wentworthville. If you find this pet please call 0423 850 458.

Lost - Cat in Merrylands

Lost female, aged 4, named Phoebe. Domestic medium haired , tri-coloured (brown, orange and white) white paws, green eyes, bushy tail wearing collar and bell. Last seen Woodville Road, Merrylands. If you find this pet please call 0491 140 730.

Lost - Dog in Greystanes

Lost male malamute, dark eyes, not desexed, named Mr Maloo and Boy. Last seen wearing a choker chian. Last seen in Canal Road, Greystanes. If you find this pet please call 0412 080 121 or 047 733 183.

Lost - Cat in Granville

Lost grey tabby, domestic short haired cat but a bit fluffy named Rio, aged 2 years, desexed. Rio is a rescue cat and is a bit nervous until he gets to know you then he is friendly. Missing from home in Granville since 3 March, last seen in Redfern Street, Granville. If you find this pet please call 0451 905 228.

Lost - Cat in Guildford

Lost black and white fur cat named Blackie, aged 3 months, not desexed. Last seen in Excelsior Street Guildford. If you find this pet please call 0481 838 865.

Lost - Cat in Lidcombe

Lost ginger and white fluffly tailed cat named Peanut, aged 2 years, desexed. Last seen in Delhi Street Lidcombe. If you find this pet please call 0407 896 255.

Lost - Dog in Girraween

Lost Male Shih Tzu, small, has few hairs and name is Benji, last seen in Girraween. If your find this lost pet please call 0416 263 492.

Lost - Dog in Lidcombe

Small terrier, male, 7 years old, desexed, ginger/brown fluffy hair with white marking on head and throat area. If you find this pet please call 0433 940 012.

Rabbit - Found in Merrylands

Black and White rabbit, I don't know much about rabbits but I'm guessing it's an adult as he is a big rabbit and hopped very slowly as I caught him, If this is your rabbit please phone 0422 231 095.

Found - Cat in Merrylands

Found female cat found in Stanley St, Merrylands on the 31 March. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a microchip. Very friendly and approachable; extremely well looked after. If this is your cat please phone 0413 218 727.

Found - Cat in Auburn

About 6 months old kitten, male grey and white friendly. If this is you pet please phone 0469 865 008.

Found - Cat in Regents Park

Young, black and white cat, female. If this is your pet please call 0411 190 471.

Found - Dog in Toongabbie

Found male staffy cross boxer. If this is your dog please phone 0407 418 575.

Found - Bird in Guildford

Female Eclectus parrot, red and blue in colour, the most distinctive feature is it has some feathers missing on the top of its head where its beak is. If this is your pet please call 0434 221 690.