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Lost 20/01/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost 2 year old, male cat named Simba. Simba is a medium domestic cat, ginger and white in colour with a pink nose. Last seen in Auburn. If you find Simba, contact his owner on 0404 169 150

Lost 14/01/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost male cat named Yaman. Yaman is primarily black with white paws and a white chest. Last seen at Park Road, Auburn. if you find Yaman contact his owner on 0401 955 368.

Lost 11/01/2023 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 9 year old, male, named Benji. Benji is a little white Pomeranian who suffers from anxiety. Last seen at Bowden Street in Guildford. If you fine Benji, contact his owner on 0468 778 506.

Lost 1/2/2023 - Cat in Auburn

Lost female cat named Jellybean. Jellybean is black with a faint white strip on her lower belly and green eyes. Jellybean was last seen wearing a red collar with gold streaks on Auburn Road, Auburn. If you find Jellybean, please contact her owner on 0491 140 939.

Lost 18/12/2022 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 7 year old male dog named Hercules. Hercules is a large German Shepherd, predominantly tan coloured. Last seen in Guildford. If you find Hercules, please contact his owner on 0414 759 809.

Lost 17/12/2022 - Two Dogs in Lidcombe

Lost two French Bulldogs named Benben and Milky. Benben is a male dog, 3 years old, black and is friendly. Milky is a female dog, 4 years old and white. Last seen in Lidcombe. If you find Benben and Milky, please contact their owner on 0449 548 488.

Lost 13/12/2022 - Dog in Guildford

Lost 2 year old female dog named Ivy. Ivy is a small brindle coloured American Staffordshire Terrier with a white patch on her chest, pointy ears and weighs about 16kg. Last seen in Guildford at midnight. If you find Ivy, please contact her owner on 0421 428 777.

Lost 11/12/2022 - Dog in Merrylands West

Lost 1 year old female dog named Lucy. Lucy is a white and fluffy medium sized Japanese Spitz cross Pomeranian with some beige on her ears and back. Last seen in Valda Street, Merrylands West. If you find Lucy, please contact her owner on 0421 468 568.

Lost 5/12/2022 - Dog in Smithfield

Lost 4 year old female dog named Luna. Luna is miniature English Staffy, brindle colouring, about 40cm tall, and is very scared of people. Last seen in Hassall Street, Smithfield. If you find Luna, please contact her owner on 0452 262 175.

Lost 26/11/2022 - Cat in Lidcombe

Lost 5 year old, male cat named Hamish. Hamish is a dark Tabby, long haired and friendly to people. Last seen in Bachell Avenue, Lidcombe. If you find Hamish, contact his owner on 0448 139 064.

Lost 26/11/2022 - Dog in South Wentworthville

Lost female 9 month old dog named Lucky. Lucky is a creamy colour with black on her back, blue eyes, wearing a brown collar with a brown bone attached to the collar. Last seen in Culver Street, South Wentworthville. If you find Lucky, please contact her owner on 0474 798 958.

Lost 23/11/2022 - Cat in Auburn

Lost 10 month old, male cat named Rico. Rico is a very fluffy kitten with a fluffy black tail blackish grey on top with a white chest - he looks like a Maine coon. Last seen at Union Road, Auburn. If you find Rico, contact his owner on 0405 577 179.

Lost 15/11/2022 - Dog in Merrylands

Lost 16 year old, female dog named Princess. Princess is a brown and white fox terrier and responds to 'Princess'. Last seen in Merrylands. If you find Princess, please contact her owner on 0418 407 416.

Found 20/11/2022 - Cat in Merrylands

Found, young black cat with golden eyes. If this is your pet, please phone 0401 086 334.

Found 11/12/2022 - Bird in Berala

Found, a male green ringneck bird in Berala. If this is your pet, please phone 0432 669 911.

Found 22/11/2022 - Kitten in Merrylands

Found male kitten, a few months old. Very playful during the morning and evening, sleeps during the day. If this is your pet, please phone 0432 615 281.