Outdoor dining application and guidelines

Find out how your business can use footpath space to create an outdoor dining experience for customers.

Cumberland City welcomes outdoor dining

Council actively supports the creation of a vibrant café atmosphere within its commercial centres. In doing so, it is important that an adequate footpath width is maintained at all times. This ensures the safe movement of pedestrians and other street activities.

It is also important that a balance between footpath space and outdoor dining space is large enough for diners and public to move around easily within the Cumberland City's commercial centres. This includes play spaces and public seating.


  • The Outdoor Dining Guidelines (PDF, 193KB) apply to all land which is affected by the Roads Act 1993 and/or is owned by Cumberland City Council.
  • This includes public footpaths, plazas and public squares that are within public areas. 


The above guidelines support the implementation of the Outdoor Dining Policy (PDF, 70KB)


To make an Outdoor Dining Application - complete the Outdoor Dining Application Form (PDF, 82KB) and submit it to Cumberland City Council as per instructions on the application form. 

Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges for applicable charges.