Cultural Plan

Council holds a long term vision for culture in Cumberland.
Inside the Peacock Gallery

Cumberland’s cultural future

The Cumberland Cultural Plan 2019 - 2029 sets the long term vision for culture in Cumberland and will help guide Council’s decisions and work in arts and culture over the next 10 years. 

This Plan was developed through an extensive research and community engagement process in 2018/2019.

It included consultation with:

  • Artists Community members
  • Community and cultural sector organisations
  • Individuals
  • 5 Council Advisory and Consultative Committees.

For a detailed background report, download State of Culture in Cumberland 2019


5 priority areas were identified to guide Council’s planning of programs, events and infrastructure to support a creative, culturally active and vibrant community.

  1. Recognising Cumberland’s First Peoples’ living culture
  2. Celebrating strength in diversity
  3. Supporting cultural groups and individuals
  4. Improving cultural facilities, spaces and streets
  5. Enhancing place identity and activation

For more information contact our Gallery Director and Cultural Services Coordinator, Michael Brown by phone 8757 9000 or email