Look out! Snakes about!

Snakes are more common during spring and summer near areas close to waterways.

Snakes are an integral part of the environment and play a vital role within our reserves and natural areas. One of the most commonly occurring species in the local area is the red-bellied black snake. They can grow to 1.5m long and mainly feed on frogs, which is why they are found near waterways.

Snakes are more common during spring and summer when they come out of hibernation, looking to breed and find food. 

Most snakes are not naturally aggressive and prefer to flee if given then chance so always give them space. If you see a snake, stop, stand still and wait until the snake moves away.

Never approach or try to handle a snake.

They will only attack humans if hurt or provoked and most bites occur when people try to kill or capture snakes.

Keep your pets safe

To protect your pets, when walking your dog always keep them on a lead in off leash areas. Keep cats inside or within the confines of a cat aviary.

Keep your family safe

To avoid snakes coming onto your property, keep your lawn short, reptile proof any aviaries or chicken enclosures and keep your property free of all debris and rubbish.

Keep snakes safe

All snakes are a protected in Australia and must not be harmed in any way.

If you find a snake in your yard, monitor the snake from a safe distance and they will usually move on within a few hours. If the snake is injured phone WIRES Rescue Line 1300 094 737 to arrange a trained rescuer to attend. Keep all pets and people away until the situation is resolved.