Pensioner rebates

If you are a pensioner liable for rates and charges on the property, you may be entitled to a rebate.


If you are an eligible pensioner who owns and lives in a property within the Cumberland City Council area, you may be entitled to a concession on your Rates account.

To be eligible you must hold one of the following Pensioner Concession Cards issued by Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs;

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Gold card embossed with ‘TPI’ (Totally Permanently Incapacitated)
  • Gold card embossed with ‘EDA’ (Extreme Disablement Adjustment)
  • War widow or widower or wholly dependent partner entitled to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs income support supplement.

You may claim a rebate effective from the date of your Pensioner Concession Card and it will commence from the start of the next quarter.

Rebates can only be granted for the current financial year only. If you cease to qualify as an eligible pensioner, it will cease at the end of the quarter and part of the pension rebate will be added back onto the rate account.

Rebate details

Details of available rebates, rebate amounts and eligibility criteria for each are listed in the following table.

  Amount Criteria
Mandatory rebate $250 Eligible pensioners
Voluntary rebate $25 Eligible pensioners
Additional voluntary rebate $75 An eligible pensioner who owns and lives in a property within the Cumberland area for 5 or more continuous years can apply to receive this amount in addition to the $25 voluntary rebate totaling up to $100 per year.

Mandatory rebate - All NSW council’s give a mandatory rebate of up to $250, as legislated by the state government.

Voluntary rebate and Additional voluntary rebate - In addition to the mandatory rebate, we provide extra rebates to support our ratepayers.


New applicants who meet the above criteria, can apply;