Bins, waste and recycling

Discover the wide range of waste services the Council offers, including bin collection maps, recycling, Council Clean Ups and dealing with hazardous waste.

We are committed to provide our residents with high quality waste and resource recovery services. Services that we offer include:

We believe that providing our residents with a Domestic Waste Services Guide will ensure that Cumberland residents are able to understand and utilise these services effectively and efficiently.

For further information on our services, view the Waste Services Guide (PDF, 13MB)

Additional Recycling and Green Waste Service

Due to ongoing stay at home restrictions, we are offering an additional collection service for recycling and green waste bins.

We are also suspending Fees and Charges for additional recycling and green waste services from 1 September to 30 November 2021. This service is temporary and is only available to residential households with a 240L recycling or green waste bin. Residents must book in this additional service as they require it. Please make bookings before 2.30pm Monday-Friday to ensure your bin is collected within 2 business days.

To make a booking, please call customer service on 8757 9000 or book online.