Report Littering from a Car

If you see any litter fall or thrown from a car, you can report it online through the NSW Environment and Protection Authority Website.

Littering fines

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) can issue a $250 fine to an individual for littering from a vehicle or $500 for a corporation.

You can report those who litter from vehicles online:

Litter free sports grounds

Do you play sport in Cumberland City? Empower your sporting teams and visiting players to keep Cumberland clean.

Download the Guide for Litter Free Sporting Events (PDF, 425KB) for your sporting club to use.

This guide is about Council and Clubs working together to foster a litter free environment at sports grounds.

Drink bottles are the most commonly littered items on sports day. Encourage players to bring a reusable bottle from home, and refill at the grounds. There are more ideas within the guide.

You can order an all-weather PVC poster checklist for Litter Free Events to display in your clubhouse. For your free poster, phone Council on 8757 9000.

Checklist for litter free sporting events
Checklist for litter free sporting events