What we are doing

Addressing and preventing domestic and family violence involves working closely with the community.

Council is standing up to domestic violence

To combat domestic and family violence, Council works closely with the police, community groups and services.

Short and long-term strategies are also being used to address the causes of domestic and family violence. This involves:

  • Support for local services and community groups
  • Raising community awareness and driving cultural change
  • Looking at underlying causes of domestic abuse. 


  • Grants for not-for-profit organisations that prevent and respond to domestic and family violence 
  • Training and support for community workers, community leaders and advocates to recognise and respond to domestic and family violence
  • Programs in schools - partnering with the police, local youth services and schools to deliver respectful relationship programs, such as Love Bites, and Rock and Water
  • Working closely with local community services and groups
  • Educating and raising awareness across different cultures and people least likely to report abuse
  • Increasing public participation of women and girls in community networks, female only sports clubs and support groups
  • Bringing gender equality to workplace culture, with support for those escaping domestic and family violence
  • Raising awareness and supporting staff within Council 

Further information

For more information and resources see Councils Domestic and Family Violence page.

See also relevant actions identified in the Cumberland Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan or, to get involved, contact Council at or phone 02 8757 9000.


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