Stopping Distance Calculator

Experiment with different driving speeds, road conditions and reaction times to see the distance it takes to stop your vehicle.

To stop quickly, there's a number of factors to consider

There are 3 main components that will determine your stopping distance: your speed, road condition and your reaction time.

This calculator will help you to see the end result – your vehicle stopping distance and how it will change when you choose different values for speed, road condition and reaction time.

Please pay attention when you choose the speed in km/h it is automatically recalculated in to m/s as it is much easier to comprehend how fast you are moving. For example, when you are doing 50 km/h that means that your vehicle will pass 13.89 meters every single second.

Road condition has a different values on dry and wet surfaces and represents how good the tyres will stick to the road.

The third but very important variable is a driver reaction time (1.5 sec is an average for a healthy driver in a good condition). Pay attention how the Reaction Distance will change when you chose different speed and reaction time. That is a distance that you will cover with the same speed (no speed reduction) until you hit the brake and braking system starts slowing down your vehicle.

Incorrect tyre pressure and wear, vehicle weight and overall condition of your vehicle will also impact your stopping ability.

Experiment with your stopping distance using the calculator below


Stopping Distance Calculator

= m/s
Reaction Distance
Road Condition

dry 0.7 - 0.8
wet 0.5 - 0.7
ice 0.02 - 0.3

Breaking Distance
Reaction Time
Vehicle Stopping Distance