School safety

Read more about school zones safety rules and how to protect children on their way to and from school.

Reducing the Speed limit around schools lowers the risk and potential severity of a crash. School zone are marked by signs, dragon’s teeth road markings and flashing lights to improve the visibility of school zones.

Most school zones operate from 8am to 9.30am and from 2.30pm to 4pm. However, there are a small number of non-standard school zone times in NSW, which are identified by red/orange school zone signs showing the times when school operate.

Motorists must drive no faster than 40 km/h through school zones. Increased fines and demerit points apply for speeding, illegal use of mobile phones and parking.

Drop-off and pick-up initiative

Also called “Kiss and Ride” or “Kiss and Drop” initiative that provides a designated zone at a school access point for drivers to stop and drop off or pick up their children. It relieves traffic congestion around the school by ensuring cars do not park illegally by providing adult supervision for students being dropped off and picked up from school by car.

Road safety resources for schools

Cumberland Council provides free signs to schools within our Local Government Area to raise road safety awareness in school zones. Find out more on our Road Safety Resources page.

School safety survey

To help improve the roads around your school, you can complete and submit a School Safety Online Survey (PDF, 696KB).

How we can help?

Contact our Road Safety Officer via email to let us know about problems with roads, and find out more about how we’re committed to improving road safety in the Cumberland region.