This artwork highlights the importance of the native plants and animals that inhabit our local waterways such as Duck River, Duck Creek and Parramatta River. Each plant or animal is named in Dharug and English, like Burra for Eel or Mogra for Fish.

The artwork connects people to the local environment and encourages people to become more familiar with the local Dharug language

Leanne Tobin

Leanne Tobin is a multidisciplinary artist of Irish, English and Aboriginal heritage, descending from the Buruberong and Wumali clans of the Dharug, the traditional Aboriginal people of the Greater Sydney region. 

Leanne works collaboratively with community groups, local schools and institutions to tell local histories and stories, with the aim to evoke an environmental conscience and respect towards the land and its original people.  

Leanne is driven by a strong sense of 'truth-telling' about what happened here on Dharug land.  

Through her art she seeks to encourage open and honest dialogue about the past, and to nurture respect and care for Country, reflecting on the intrinsic spiritual connection Aboriginal people have with the land; a connection that is often hidden beneath the concrete and tar of the city and suburbs.  

Dharug Elder Aunty Leanne Tobin. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Leanne Tobin and Shay Tobin - Baduwa
Footpath artwork coloured by StreetBond 2020-2022