Living Safely Podcast Series

A five part community education podcast, available in six different languages. Topics include reporting a crime, safety out and about, protecting against scams, securing your vehicle and securing your home.

“Living safely” is a community education podcast delivered by us in partnership with NSW Police’s Cumberland and Auburn Police Area Command. Funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice through their Safer Communities Fund.

The podcast is available in English, Farsi, Arabic, Tamil, Cantonese and Simplified Chinese.

Download the podcast from Google, Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also listen using the links below.

Living Safely


Living Safely - Arabic

العيش بأمان في كمبرلاند : تأمين سيارتك

Living Safely - Cantonese


Living Safely - Farsi

زندگی امن در کامبرلند: محافظت از وسیله نقلیه‌تان

Living Safely - Mandarin


Living Safely - Tamil

கம்பர்லேண்டில் பாதுகாப்பாக வாழ்தல்: உங்கள் வாகனங்களைப் பாதுகாத்தல்