Duck River Parklands Strategic Masterplan

The strategic masterplan for the Parklands outlines a 20-year vision and is supported by an implementation plan to provide short-, medium- and long-term projects and initiatives to achieve this vision.

As a centrally located, green riparian corridor within the Local Government Area, our vision for the future Duck River Parklands is to promote this key green corridor as “A green heart for Cumberland City.”  

With this vision in mind, this strategic masterplan has planned for future community use, development and improved connections and environmental management of this key open space riparian area.    

Specific objectives are to: 

  • Improve access to the Parklands for recreation 
  • Protect habitat and biodiversity 
  • Build on important cultural and heritage areas 
  • Strengthen integration of industry and economic activities within the corridor 

View the Duck River Parklands Strategic Masterplan (PDF, 9MB)