Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

Stray animals, lost pets and unwanted cats and dogs are usually taken to this facility for rehoming and other services.

About the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

This facility looks after stray animals that are handed in, along with lost or rescued cats and dogs. Depending on circumstances, all animals will be held for a specific period.

Address and contact details

Address: 10 Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave NSW 2756
Phone: 02 4560 4644  Fax: 02 4577 6604

Opening hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 4:30pm
  • Saturdays 8:30am to 12pm
  • Sundays 8:30am to 12pm

Website: Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

What happens at the facility

While at the facility the animals are well fed, exercised, sheltered and groomed. The following process also happens:

  • On arrival cats and dogs are scanned for a microchip.
  • If a microchip is located, details of the owner are obtained from the Companion Animals Register.
  • Staff will then attempt to contact the owner by telephone.
  • The owner is advised that their dog or cat has been impounded and what they have to do to get their pet back.
  • A registered letter will also be sent to the owner notifying them of the impoundment and how to have the dog or cat released. This letter is sent regardless of whether phone contact has been made or not.
  • Microchipped and registered pets, pets with only a collar and owner’s details, are kept at the facility for 14 days waiting to be claimed.
  • Animals with no identification are only kept for 7 days.
  • Dogs are kept in kennels during this time each dog is usually kennelled separately. Occasionally dogs will share a kennel if space is short, and the dogs get along well.

If animals aren’t claimed within the holding period, the facility will try to rehome a pet with a new owner.

  • All efforts are made to rehome suitable animals, some animals may be taken by welfare groups or kept longer in the hope of finding them a good home.
  • All dogs taken to the facility are available for sale once the hold period finishes. Desexing, vaccinating, microchipping and registration and vet checks are included in the price.

How Cumberland City Council treats stray animals

Council has a short-term animal shelter located at Auburn. This facility is utilised should the owner be contacted and has agreed to pick the animal up within 24 hours, should the owner be uncontactable, or the animal has no identification the animal will be transferred to the Hawkesbury facility.

Council’s dedicated Animal Control Officer locates stray dogs (in particular) and attempts to reunite them with their owners.

If the animal is sick or injured, the Animal Control Officer will seek Veterinary treatment for the animal. Residents with lost animals are encouraged to contact both Cumberland City Council and Hawkesbury City Council for information on any animal that may be held at the Shelters.

Cat trap application and conditions of use

Note: Cat trap hire is for seven (7) days from date of delivery