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Visit the Bush School

Cumberland Council runs a Bush School at Central Gardens, Merrylands. Programs engage children in our natural outdoor environment.

Finding excitement in nature

Bush School is a casual, community based program that allows children to learn about and experience nature. For families with limited outdoor areas, it can offer a wide range of benefits. Children can:

  • Learn about changes in seasons, light, weather, wildlife, plants and trees
  • Appreciate biodiversity – including insects, plants and animals
  • Develop a sense of space and learn about Aboriginal values towards the land
  • Get a sense of caring for our natural environment
  • Help develop physical skills, communication, observation, social skills, creativity, teamwork, emotional well-being and self-esteem

All community members are welcome to visit the Bush School. No bookings necessary.

Further information

For more information phone (02) 8757 9000 or email: