Ibis Management Plan

Our Ibis Management Plan aims is to address a range of issues associated with Ibis throughout Cumberland City.

The Australian White Ibis (AWI) is a wetland bird that is native to Australia. The Australian White Ibis is protected under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Act 1974, by law you are not allowed to harm them or remove their nests. The population of Australian White Ibis has gradually increased in the Sydney Basin and to balance the needs of our community with the environmental needs of the ibis, Council has developed the Ibis Management Plan.

The objective of our Ibis Management Plan (PDF, 2.3MB) is to address a range of issues associated with ibis throughout Cumberland. The Management Plan aims to:

  • Manage the Australian White Ibis population in Cumberland City
  • Minimise local community issues associated with ibis birds
  • Reduce the impact of ibis on the natural environment and infrastructure
  • Provide information to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on license requirements for ibis bird management

These objectives will be achieved through managing ibis in three action areas:

  • Action 1: Groundworks – Includes activities such as foraging restriction, breeding restriction, roost dispersal and street cleansing.
  • Action 2: Education – Educational flyers and signage specific to ibis birds which will be display/distributed accordingly.
  • Action 3: Monitoring – Regular surveys will be conducted to monitor population numbers.

View the Ibis Management Plan (PDF, 2.3MB)