Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan

Cumberland City Council’s Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan is a three-year plan that outlines the commitment to working towards the ending of domestic and family violence (DFV). 

The plan provides the community, community groups, services, and businesses in the Cumberland LGA with an opportunity to work collaboratively to encourage a cultural change that will lead to safer homes, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Cumberland Council recognises that it can play an active role in preventing and reducing domestic and family violence through three key priorities:

  1. Primary prevention – aimed to reduce or prevent new instances of violence before they occur by increasing knowledge, awareness, influencing changes to attitudes and understanding of all aspects of DFV.
  2. Early Intervention – aimed to keep people safe, change attitudes, prevent escalations and address arising issues and provide avenues for early interventions.
  3. Sector development and support – aimed to support the DFV services sector in Cumberland to provide help to the community.

View the plan

Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan 2023-2025 (PDF, 1.3MB)


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