Gum-topped Box ( Eucalyptus molucanna )

Gum-topped Box (Eucalyptus moluccana), also known simply as the gum-topped box or more commonly as the grey box, is a species of eucalyptus tree native to Australia.

This medium-sized Eucalypt is widespread throughout eastern New South Wales.

It has a distinctive rough grey bark on the trunk with smooth white branches and a glossy green crown.

It produces creamy white flowers which appear between the months of February and May.

Easily mistaken for Grey Box Gum (Eucalyptus macrocarpa) which is very similar in appearance but has slightly smaller leaves and fruits.

A known feeding tree for Koalas.

When in flower this tree provides nectar for a for native birds and bees.

Tree locations

  • Driftway Drive, Pemulwuy
  • Central Gardens Reserve, Merrylands Road Carpark