Display of Goods on Council Footpaths

We actively support local businesses promoting trade by displaying goods on council footpaths within its LGA.

COVID-19 update - 14 July 2021

We will waive all unpaid outdoor dining and goods on display application and licensing fees until 31 December 2021. For details, please contact our customer service team on 02 8757 9000.

Cumberland City introduces goods on display

Council actively supports local businesses promoting trade by displaying goods on Council footpaths within its LGA. It is imperative that adequate controls are maintained at all times for the safety of the community, while providing an active and attractive street frontage. This will encourage fair and equitable use of Council footpaths by all members of the community. It is also important that display areas are kept clean and regularly maintained.


The Goods on Display Guidelines apply to all land which is affected by the Roads Act 1993 and/or is owned by Cumberland City Council.

This includes public footpaths, plazas and public squares that are within public areas.

These areas would normally be used by pedestrians or for recreation. They are normally located in front of businesses in the commercial business centres of Cumberland City.


The above guidelines support the implementation of the Goods on Display Policy.


To make a Goods on Display Application - complete the Goods on Display Application form and submit it to Cumberland City Council as per instructions on the application form. The fee for making an application is $210, not for profit applications are exempted from this fee.


Fee Name 2021/2022 Fee (excl. GST) 2021/2022 GST 2021/2022 Fee (incl.GST)
Licence Application Fee - Fee is applicable to any commercial licence application. Not for Profit applications are exempted from this fee $216.50 $0.00 $216.50
Display of Goods on Council Land or Outside of Shops Yearly Rental Fee - Use of Council property for commercial purposes. $62 $0.00 $62