Peppercorn Tree (Schinus areira)

The Peppercorn Tree, scientifically known as Schinus areira, is a species of flowering evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family.

This large exotic tree is naturally found across South America.

As the tree ages it develops a distinctive thickly gnarled trunk with lots of burls.

The Peppercorn Tree is often planted in parks, streets and commercial landscapes for it’s plentiful foliage and shade.

Well suited to dry climates, it grows in open sunny positions and is drought tolerant.

It produces tiny clusters of white flowers which appear in late spring and clusters of small red fruit appear in late summer.

The leaves of this tree are aromatic and give off a strong fragrance with insect repellent properties.

The seeds are rich in essential oils with medicinal and culinary uses.

Tree location

  • Holroyd Gardens Reserve