Road safety presentations

We offer a wide range of road safety presentations to groups that are free of charge.

Want to help a group of people with their road skills?

We can come to your premises with our equipment or we can organise a free presentation at one of our premises.

Also, the presentation can be tailored to your group's needs and time frame. Please contact to discuss your details.

The presentation can be delivered in community languages, but the group will need to organise an interpreter.

Regular presentations include:

'Helping Learner Drivers to Become Safer Drivers'

Roads and Maritime Services is encouraging parents and supervisors to attend a free workshop on how to provide effective and safe practice sessions for learner drivers about licence conditions for learner and P plate drivers, tips for completing the paper and digital learner driver log books as well as explain the importance of providing constructive feedback. Find out more about the Helping Learner Drivers to Become Safer Drivers here.

Pedestrian Safety Presentation – 'Watch Out, Cars About'

This free Pedestrian Safety workshop aims to increase pedestrian safety and awareness. It lasts around 30 minutes and is suitable for any community group.

Child Restraints Presentation 

A free presentation that informs the community about the importance and proper use of child restraints. It lasts around 30 minutes and is suitable for any community group.

Preschool Presentations

These presentations are designed for parents of pre-school or kindergarten kids. In 30 to 40 minutes we cover the key pedestrian and child restraint safety issues including safe parking around schools.

'Under the Radar' (UTR) Presentations

UTR presentations are designed for young drivers but can be very beneficial to any group of drivers/riders. UTR covers major road safety topics such as:

  • speeding
  • alcohol
  • fatigue
  • seat belts
  • mobile phones
  • driver distractions
  • following distance
  • road rules

The shortest presentation lasts 60 minutes, however to cover each topic mentioned it can take up to 3 hours.

Getting your licence

This is an half hour information session about the NSW Licencing Scheme. It is mostly suitable for newly arrived migrants.

In Case of a Crash

An informative session about procedures after a crash (20 to 30 minutes in length).

Road Rules

Whether you are learner driver or experienced driver this session will address:

  • Top 10 Most Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW 
  • Intersections,
  • Roundabouts,
  • U-Turns,
  • Blind spots,
  • Parking signs and Fines
  • Tips for Parallel Parking.

Minimum time needed is 60 min (or up to 3 hours including breaks).

Motorcycle Riders

A 2 hour presentation for riders delivered by riders focuses on the issues that most riders seem to be interested in, such as cornering, braking, posture and position, decision making, and reducing personal risks. This presentation is usually organised at local motorcycle dealers but it can be arranged for small groups at a location that suits you.

Road Safety Presentations for Seniors

Council can arrange a road safety presentation for seniors at a venue of your request. We can tailor the presentation to cover the needs of the audience, however it will generally include Pedestrian Safety or Senior Driver Safety. The presentation will last a minimum of 30 minutes. 

For more information, email Cumberland Council's Road Safety Officer: