Tallow Wood (Eucalyptus microcorys)

Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys) is a tall hardwood tree native to the eastern coastal regions of Australia. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family, which includes many species of flowering plants.

This impressive Eucalypt is an evergreen tree which can grow to between 30 to 60 metres tall with distinctive rough reddish-brown bark.

The straight trunk can be up to 65% of the total height of the tree and up to 210cm in diameter.

The leaves produce an essential oil which can be useful in varnish making.

It produces creamy white flowers which appear from late winter to early summer.

With low branching and a dense crown, this tree provides excellent habitat for native insects, birds and mammals

When in flower the tree provides nectar for native bees and birds.

Tree locations 

  • Botanica Drive Central Park Lidcombe in the park past the play equipment
  • Botanica Drive, Central Park Lidcombe near the benches