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Local businesses can assess, improve and promote their disability inclusiveness with free support and guidance from the Zero Barriers project.
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Nominate in the Zero Barriers Excellence Awards

Nominations for this year’s Zero Barriers Excellence Awards are now open.

The Zero Barriers Business Excellence Awards provide an opportunity to businesses and services that have joined Zero Barriers to be recognised for the changes and adjustments they have made to be more inclusive of their whole community.

Make a nomination online (opens a new website) or download and complete a paper nomination form (PDF, 252KB)

Nominations close: 5pm, Friday 19 May 2023

About Zero Barriers

The Zero Barriers project provides free business and service support aiming to remove barriers for people with disability when shopping, using services or participating in activities in their local communities. Developed by The Multicultural Network, the project is now supported by Cumberland City Council as well as 4 other councils.

Zero Barriers works with businesses and services to make small changes by:

  • Educating businesses and services about accessibility and inclusion barriers encountered by people with disability
  • Supporting businesses and services to become more disability friendly
  • Recognising and promoting businesses and services that are committed to eliminating barriers for people with disability

How it works

  1. Take the Self-Assessment
  2. Use the Accessibility Guide to implement changes
  3. Submit evidence of changes made to make your business more inclusive
  4. Become part of the Zero Barriers community


A Zero Barriers community recognised business:

  • is listed in the Zero Barriers Business Directory
  • receives the Zero Barriers Newsletter
  • qualifies for nomination for the annual Zero Barriers Business Excellence Awards
  • is provided a Zero Barriers logo sticker to display in their shopfront making their business visible in the community and encouraging people with a disability to shop, access or use their business.

Further information

For more information or to complete on online self-assessment visit