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Get a garden bin

Garden waste (green) bins are being made available to residential non-strata properties across Cumberland.

There are three options for ratepayers to choose from:

  1. Maintain current bin configuration, with no changes to your rates.
  2. Opt into garden waste bin and smaller general waste (red) bin, with a decrease to your rates.
  3. Opt into garden waste bin and maintain larger general waste bin, with an increase in your rates.

Recycling (yellow) bins will remain unchanged.

To lower your rates and help reduce waste to landfill, Council is encouraging you to opt for a garden waste bin and smaller general waste bin. You’ll no longer need a large general waste bin as you will be diverting waste from your general waste bin into your new garden waste bin.

Once rolled out, garden waste bins will be collected on a fortnightly basis - the alternate week to your recycle bins. Waste bins, despite the size you select, will continue to be collected weekly.

Garden Bin Request

Please note: As there is a possible variation to rates, the ratepayer is required to opt in – not the resident, unless they are an owner occupier. If you are renting, you may want to contact your real estate agent/landlord for more information.

FAQ's for Garden Bin Rollout

What goes in my garden waste bin?

Acceptable items include: leaves, small twigs and branches, grass clippings and flowers and prunings. You will receive further information on this when your new bin arrives.

Why hasn’t council included food waste as part of the new garden waste bin?

Providing a combined food and garden waste bin is not the only way to prevent organic waste going to landfill. The waste collected in the general waste bins from former Holroyd residents is sent to a facility where any recyclables and organic material like food scraps and garden waste are separated and put through a recycling and composting process. This avoids valuable resources going to landfill. In addition, council has a food reduction initiative with resources to reduce food waste and will be introducing a compost bin and worm farm rebate to further support residents.

When is the garden waste bin going to be collected?

Your new garden waste bin will be collected on a fortnightly basis.  Your general waste bin will remain collected weekly and recycle and garden waste fortnightly on alternate weeks. There will be no change to your current collection day. You will receive a calendar with your new garden waste bin that indicates which weeks your recycle and garden waste bin will go out.

Where do the contents of my garden bin go once collected?

Council is currently formalising arrangements for this. However once collected from the kerbside your garden waste will go to a facility where it is turned into nutrient rich compost and mulch to be reused.

Who will be collecting my new garden waste bin

Council’s current collection contractor- United Resource Management (URM).

When will I receive my new bins?

October 2018. Council will be collating requests from over 23,000 properties up until 31st August. It is of financial and environmental benefit to deliver bins in bulk not in small quantities. After we receive the majority of requests we then need time to strategically plan the delivery of bins across the LGA.

When will this service start?

When your bin is delivered it will come with information including a tag on the bin that will tell you the day and date of your first service. Council anticipates this will be one or two weeks after receiving your bin. Other information will be a sticker on acceptable items, a guide on all Council waste and resource recovery services and a collection calendar.

If I want to keep my bins as is why do I have to advise Council?

Council needs to confirm that you have received the letter and have decided to remain with your current bins. This way we can mark you off on our database and not send a reminder letter.

When will I start being charged my new waste charge? 

You will be charged from the effective change of the service to your property, i.e. the date your garden waste bin is first collected.  The waste charge will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of effect.  A confirmation letter & an Amended Summary of Notice will be issued to show the changes to your Rates Account. If you have already paid your 18/19 rates in full you can choose to be in credit or apply for a refund.

Can I have an extra green waste bin if I have a granny flat or second dwelling on my property?

Yes you can as long as you pay a second domestic waste charge that includes a garden waste bin. You will need to complete another form online or one can be sent to you. Please contact Council.

I am a renter and didn’t get a say as to what bin configuration I receive?

As the bin configuration chosen will affect the domestic waste charge that property owners will need to pay via their annual rates, Council can only take the request from the property owner. Council will be advising tenanted properties of the bin configuration their landlord has selected via a letter.

I live in a unit and heard that garden waste bins are being rolled out? When and how many does my unit get garden waste bins?

Letters did not go out to strata properties only single unit dwellings in the former Holroyd area. Units will not be provided with garden waste bins for a combination of the following reasons:

  • In most cases any garden spaces in units are minimal and often maintained by contractors and this includes the removal of garden waste.
  • 240 litre general waste bins provided to units have the capacity to handle any household generated garden waste that will be sent to a processing facility where any recyclables and organic material are separated and put through a recycling and compost process and recovered.
  • Having shared garden waste bins in unit complexes does not allow the Council to identify ownership when bins are used incorrectly.

Despite the above Council will look at each unit complex on a case by case basis and do an assessment including management of the correct use of bins

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy.

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