Planning and Reporting

Council is required to develop a long-range planning system which refines its focus through community engagement and seeks to align the provision of Council Services with resources at financial, asset and human resource levels.

Integrated Planning and Reporting

The Office of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting framework (IP&R) allows councils to bring plans and strategies together in a way that supports a clear vision for the future and provides an agreed roadmap for delivering community priorities and aspirations.

Council undertakes long-term planning that is based on community engagement and gives the Council and the community a clear picture of:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to go? (Community Strategic Plan)
  3. How we plan to get there? (Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Resourcing Strategy)
  4. How will we know when we have arrived? (Performance Reporting, Annual and State of City Reporting)

Key components of the IP&R Framework include:

  • 10-year Community Strategic Plan
  • 4-year Delivery Program
  • Annual Operational Plan
  • Resourcing Strategy consisting of:
    • Long-Term Financial Plan
    • Asset Management Strategy and Plans
    • Workforce Management Plan Version
  • Key reporting documents include:
    • Performance Reports
    • Annual Reports
    • State of the City Reports (previously the End of Term Report).

The IP&R framework builds a strategic vision for the city of Cumberland directly with the community and key stakeholders, taking into account State and Federal plans and policies. Council’s strategies, plans and service delivery are then created in direct response to this vision, building an integrated planning process in a meaningful and purposeful way.