Berala Village Strategy

Current Status

Council resolved at the Ordinary meeting of Wednesday, 5 April 2017:

  1. Take no further action in relation to the Berala Village Planning Proposal

The Draft Berala Village Study (“draft study”) was reported to Council for adoption at the Ordinary Council meeting of Wednesday, 16 July 2014.

Council resolved:

  1. That Council receive and note the further study (by Hill PDA) of Berala Village;
  2. That Council incorporate the further study of Berala into the draft Berala Village Study, and adopt the Berala Village study;
  3. That Council prepare a planning proposal to undertake rezoning of land within Berala Village, and the associated amendments to the ALEP 2010 heights and FSR controls as per Attachment 1 of this report; and
  4. That Council place the draft planning proposal on public exhibition, and report the outcomes of this exhibition to Council, after submitting it to the Department of Planning and Environment’s Gateway Process.

The Planning Proposal (PP-4/2014) received a Gateway determination to proceed with condition.

The planning proposal which was lodged with the Department of Planning & Environment can be viewed on the Department of Planning & Environment LEP tracking (under Auburn).

Study Overview

After considering the draft Berala Village study at a Councillor workshop (February 2013), Council resolved to:

‘….undertake a further study of the B2 commercial zoning area of the Berala Town [sic] Centre and surrounding area’.

To address this resolution of Council, a further study of Berala was undertaken by consultants.


At the Extraordinary Council meeting on 12th May 2010, Council resolved to prepare a planning study of Berala Village Centre and the surrounding Berala residential area to determine what opportunities exist to revitalise the centre and to provide new residential housing opportunities in the surround area.

Council’s Strategy unit has prepared a planning study of Berala during late 2010 – mid 2012.

The purpose of the Berala Village study is to:
identify opportunities to revitalise and improve Berala;
inform Council’s strategic planning, particularly Council’s Delivery Program, and inter agency initiatives;
bring together information which will inform the future upgrade of Berala’s main street area; and
consider which building types and heights are suitable for Berala in the future.
The study area for each village centre includes 2 key components:

the residential area within a 400-600m radius of the station and main street (which is consistent with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s (DP&I) definition of a village centre in the Metropolitan Strategy). This area is also of particular interest as it forms the ‘walkable’ area of the centre, that is, those parts of the village centre which are within a 5-15 minute walk of the shops and station.
the main street area which is the land zoned B2 Local Centre under ALEP 2010
The draft study draws together outcomes from community workshops held in July 2011, site analysis undertaken by Council staff, and key relevant issues and identifies how the reccommendations could be implemented.

Community Engagement

On the 6th July 2011 Community Engagement was undertaken for Berala Village Study. Two workshops were held: one morning session (10am) and one evening session (6pm).

The purpose of these workshops was to:
explain the purpose of the studies and provide an outline of the preliminary research undertaken to date;
explore opportunities for renewal and revitalisation, with a particular focus on building type, scale and character residents thought would be appropriate for their village in the future; and
confirm that issues raised in previous forums (particularly the Community Strategic Plan forums held throughout 2010) were being carried through to these studies, and would be addressed where appropriate.
A report was presented to the ordinary Council meeting on the 10 August 2011. The report provided a summary of the community engagement undertaken as part of the Berala Village Study. The report included an outline of the study area and background, as well as summary of the activities and the outcomes of each of the four community workshops held (two workshops for each village centre).

Please contact Council’s Strategy team on 9735 1290 for further information.

Please click on the attached link to view the Business Papers for the Month of August 2011. View pages 282-288 to see the report on Berala Village Study.