Parks Use and Access Guidelines

1. Introduction

Permission may be granted for the temporary access or occupation of Council land for construction or other nonrecreational purposes. These may include connection of stormwater drainage or services, access to property where street access is obstructed, maintenance or works by public authorities.

2. Access Policy

Council has adopted a policy for non-recreational users of community land open space.

  • Council shall be given a minimum of 10 working days’ notice prior to access of community land (except in cases of emergency).
  • Notice shall include details of the nature and duration of the access.
  • The method of reinstatement of the affected area shall be included with the notice and agreed to by Council.
  • A security bond shall be determined by the inspecting officer in Council’s Parks and Recreation section and the bond will be lodged prior to any access given.
  • Park access fees shall be paid in full prior to granting of access.
  • An approved officer shall be identified in the notice that will have authority over access of the site, to which instruction will be given by Council.
  • A certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance Cover of no less than $20,000,000 shall be lodged with Council prior to access being granted.

3. Conditions of Use

  • Payment of a cash bond or bank guarantee as specified by the Council Officer for the rectification, to Council’s satisfaction, of any damage caused to Council’s property. Payment of the bond shall be by a separate cheque or bank guarantee payable to Cumberland Council. This bond will be held until Council is satisfied that any damage caused to Council’s property has been satisfactorily restored by the applicant at the applicant’s expense.
  • The applicant shall indemnify Council for any damages and claims arising as a result of the access request through Council’s property by the applicant. A copy of the contractor’s current public liability insurance cover for a minimum of $20 million is to be submitted to Council for approval prior to commencement.
  • The applicant is to submit a dilapidation report detailing the existing condition of the subject works area and access route to the works area including a photographic record for Council’s approval prior to the commencement of works. This shall include a sketch plan of the intended access route and a series of photographic records across the access route that will identify all the existing surface conditions that are likely to be affected.
  • The applicant is to ensure that park users are given priority of use at all times and that access activity does not impinge on recreational activities. Park user safety must be ensured throughout the duration of access.
  • No vehicular access is to be undertaken through Council’s property during or after wet weather when damage to the turf surface is likely. As a precautionary measure, pavement protection (plates or tracks) over turf surfacing will be utilised for heavy vehicles over 3 tonnes gaining access to the works area.
  • A works vehicle speed limit of 10km/h must be observed at all times. Appropriate warning signage must be displayed as required by WH&S requirements.
  • Hours of access through Council’s property is restricted to between 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Work on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday’s is not permitted, unless stated otherwise.
  • No trees, park or Council assets are to be affected by accessing the works area and no storage of materials, waste or equipment is permitted on Council’s property. Any damage to Council’s property caused by the access under this request is to be repaired by the applicant to the satisfaction of Council.
  • An access key will be made available subsequent to the undertaking of the above Conditions.
  • Additional Conditions may be added to individual Park Use and Access, where applicable.