'The Past is the Present is the Future' Exhibition

'The Past is the Present is the Future' Art Exhibition is open at the Granville Centre Art Gallery from 19 February to 9 May 2021.

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Image credit: Dachhi Dang, Self Portrait I.

About the exhibition

For non-Western cultures time is not linear but rather a spiral or a cycle, in the present tense we become the embodiment of both our ancestral histories and our projected futures. This group exhibition brings together photographic and moving image practices to explore the way in which time is ever present and how it is woven throughout our connections to culture, people and place.

Curated by Talia Smith and featuring artists Monisha Chippada, Peta Clancy, Dacchi Dang, Selina Ershadi & Azita Chegini, Simryn Gill, Sancintya Mohini Simpson and Leyla Stevens.

Where: Granville Centre Art Gallery - 1 Memorial Drive, Granville NSW 2142
When: 19 February to 9 May 2021

Opening times:

Tuesday to Friday - 10am to 4pm
Saturday to Sunday - 11am to 4pm
Monday closed

Further information

For more information contact The Granville Centre on 02 8757 9027 or email