Councils secure commitment to widen Bridge Road rail overpass

Media Release - 6 December 2018
7 Dec 2018 - Archive

City of Parramatta and Cumberland councils welcome the NSW Government’s commitment to widening the Bridge Road rail overpass at Westmead, ending years of negotiation between local and state governments.

As part of the upgrade at the Alexandra Parade intersection, the new rail overpass will expand from two lanes to three, providing two southbound lanes and one northbound to ease morning peak hour traffic.

Funding for the additional lane comes from Parramatta ($600,000) and Cumberland ($500,000) councils’ NSW Government Stronger Communities Fund allocations, with the remainder for the upgraded replacement bridge coming from Sydney Trains. The total project cost is approximately $19.5 million and Sydney Trains plans to start work in the 2019/20 financial year.

“This is a strong outcome for ratepayers and the ongoing transformation of the Westmead Precinct,” Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.

“Over the next 20 years we are going to see a massive investment in health and education in Westmead. The lane widening at Bridge Road is an important step to unlocking pinch points in our road network as the precinct gets ready for light rail and the Sydney Metro.

“By 2036, there will be as many jobs in Westmead as there are in the Parramatta CBD today – that’s why we are advocating for new and upgraded infrastructure to help our city manage the growth.”

Member for Parramatta Geoff Lee said the widening was part of the NSW Government’s broader commitment to Westmead.

“The upgrade of Bridge Road is a small part of much larger plans to transform the Westmead Medical Precinct. A shared vision exists to connect Westmead to the Parramatta Light Rail and the Sydney Metro Rail network as the precinct transforms to take on more jobs, more patients and more students,” Dr Lee said.

“This is a great example of what councils can achieve when they work in partnership with the state government.”

Cumberland Council Mayor Cr Greg Cummings said the two councils have a shared commitment to the success and functionality of the Westmead precinct.

“The commitment from the government is a big win for our two councils. With 8,428 Cumberland residents working in the field of health, Westmead is a big employer for our residents and our councils have a vested interest in making the entire precinct work for the benefit of our region,” Cr Cummings said.