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Coordinated approach to bring best outcomes for Parra Rd

21 April 2017 – Media Release
21 Apr 2017 - Archive

21 April 2017 – Media Release

Cumberland Council is working with the State Government to deliver on its 30-year strategic plan to transform the Parramatta Road corridor. The Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy (PRUTS) will bring a coordinated approach to development inside the Parramatta Road corridor.

Under the plan Cumberland Council will commit to supporting a planning environment in the Auburn precincts and Granville West Frame Area, which will deliver a projected 12,000 new jobs and at least 1000 new dwellings over the next 30 years.

Councils Administrator Viv May emphasised that the corridor is a priority project under the Draft West Central District Plan 2016.

“Frankly, the Parramatta Road corridor is an embarrassment in its present ad hoc state and the Government is to be congratulated on taking the initiative,” Mr May said.

“Cumberland Council has a key role to play in supporting the implementation of the Urban Transformation Strategy for Parramatta Road, and is keen to ensure that its long term vision to improve the Duck River Precinct is funded.

“Duck River needs to be restored from a sieve for plastic bags to one of the area’s most attractive natural assets.

“Council has already started planning the most efficient way to incorporate the State Government plans into existing planning controls, ensuring the transformation is as seamless as possible, avoiding repeated planning proposals. Council will also consider impacts on local residents and ensure sound infrastructure for the development of the area.

“A strategic approach to the implementation of the strategy is resource efficient, transparent and avoids spot rezoning which, we know from the experiences of the former Holroyd and Auburn councils, isn’t popular with the Cumberland community. The strategy also enables Council to collect a variety of developer contributions to fund local infrastructure.

“The coordination across Council boundaries and with state government agencies means important investigations, like traffic and transport studies, are done up-front and in a precinct-wide manner. This will help us with planning and development and ensure ratepayers get the best deal when it comes to infrastructure.”