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New General Manager of Cumberland Council `Off and Running’

5 June 2016 – Media Release
5 Jun 2016 - Archive

5 June 2016 – Media Release

Viv May, Administrator of Cumberland Council today welcomed newly appointed General Manager, Malcolm Ryan, to the Council as they met with staff and residents, in Auburn, Guildford and Merrylands.

Mr Ryan was already `off and running’ in his role as General Manager and started the day with a visit to Council Offices in Auburn and then inspected the Guildford Library where he took a tour of the Library with staff and spoke with local residents.

After the Library tour, Mr Ryan then attended a special Staff barbeque in Merrylands where he was able to meet and interact with staff from all parts of the Cumberland Council.

“I have been welcomed openly and I have been impressed by the commitment of staff,” Mr Ryan said.

Mr May and Mr Ryan both stressed that it is business as usual and all regular Council services are continuing to be delivered.

“This is a new beginning for local government in this community and we look forward to a prosperous future for Cumberland Council,” Mr May said.


Malcolm Ryan

Malcolm Ryan General Manager Cumberland Council




Mr Malcolm Ryan, General Manager, and Viv May, Administrator, with residents at the Guildford Library