Granville Swimming Centre 25 metre pool will be closed from 5am, Tuesday 14 December to 3pm, Friday 17 December, to repair cracked program pool water return lines.


Planning Proposal to amend Holroyd LEP 2013 and Voluntary Planning Agreement – 190-220 Dunmore Street, Pendle Hill (Bonds Spinning Mills site)

At its meeting of 3 May 2017 Council endorsed the finalisation of the LEP amendment to rezone land at 190-220 Dunmore Street, Pendle Hill (the former Bonds Spinning Mills site) from IN2 Light Industrial to R4 High-Density Residential, B2 Local Centre and RE1 Public Recreation, to increase the maximum building height ranging from 12.5m (3 storeys) to 39m (12 storeys), and to increase the maximum floor space ratio ranging from 0.7:1 to 2.2:1. A request to finalise the LEP amendment will be submitted to the State Government in the coming weeks.

As part of the Planning Proposal, Cumberland Council and J.S.T. (NSW) Pty Limited are proposing to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for the delivery of public benefits and infrastructure. The community consultation period for the planning agreement has now ended. The submissions received will be reported to the Cumberland Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel in the coming weeks. Please note that submissions may be made publicly available and may be published on Council’s website and in other publications.

View the Draft VPA and VPA Explanatory Note – 19 April 2017

The Planning Proposal documentation is available to view below:

Planning Proposal – (including Council Business Paper of 19 April 2016)
Gateway Determination
Correspondence from OEH

Following concerns raised by members of the community, the following statement has been prepared to explain how certain conditions of the Gateway Determination have been addressed:

Statement Regarding Compliance with Gateway Conditions
Report on Public Hearing held on 20 October 2016

Proponent’s Planning Proposal request:

Planning Proposal Report

Appendix A – Contamination Report
Appendix B – Proposed LEP Maps
Appendix C – Consolidated Traffic Reports
Appendix D – Urban Design Report
Appendix E – Economic Impact Assessment
Appendix F – Heritage Assessment
Appendix G – Social Impact Assessment
Appendix H – Flood Statement
Appendix I – Servicing Letter
Appendix J – Draft DCP
Conservation Management Plan
VPA – Draft Heads of Agreement
Phase 1 Contamination Assessment (2009)
Phase 2 Contamination Assessment (2011)

For further information contact Council’s Strategic Planning section on 02 8757 9000.