Important information - COVID-19 update.


COVID-19 testing locations and Public Health Orders

Find locations for COVID-19 test clinics in your area. Keep up to date with Public Health Orders and be aware of what you need to do as an individual.

Report a breach of the Public Health Order

There have been a number of calls from members of the public for Council Officers to enforce the provisions of the Public Health Order. The NSW Police are however the appropriate Regulatory Authority to enforce the current Public Health Order.

Any member of the public (including Council Officers) can report breaches of the Public Health Order to Crime Stoppers 

App downloads

COVIDSafe app

Support the plight against COVID-19 by downloading the COVIDSafe app. The app speeds up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus Australia app

You can find and download the coronavirus Australia App from the AppStore or Google Play.

Apple users download from the AppStore - Android users download from Google Play