COVID-19 information and updates

COVID-19 resources and information.

Page last updated 8 November 2022

COVID-19 information and updates

Vaccination boosters

Don’t delay – book your COVID-19 booster today or simply walk-in to a vaccination clinic at one of our community centres

If you are aged 16 years or older and it has been more than three months since your second COVID-19 vaccination, now is the time to get your booster.​

​With COVID-19 circulating in the community it’s more important than ever to ensure you maintain a high level of protection against serious illness. A booster will reduce your risk of COVID-19 infection by 86% and reduce your risk of serious illness by 98%. Widespread vaccination can also help break chains of transmission and protect those who are at higher risk during this challenging time.​

The Pfizer (16+ years) and Moderna (18+ years) vaccines are recommended as boosters in Australia. The AstraZeneca vaccine can be given as a booster for those who are unable to have an mRNA vaccine for medical reasons. ​

Bookings can be made at NSW Health vaccination clinics, GPs, pharmacies and Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs). ​In most cases you can book well in advance so if you’re not already due for your booster, calculate your date and book ahead. Many vaccination clinics also offer walk-ins. 

If you are due for your booster but have recently tested positive to COVID-19, you should get your booster about one month after you tested positive.

Let’s do this to help protect ourselves, our friends, family and our community. 

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Vaccinations for children

COVID-19 vaccine appointments can be made for children aged 5 to 11 years.

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Rules and restrictions

COVID-19 rules

Integrated Vaccination Certificate 

Residents across NSW can integrate their COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate with the Service NSW app.