DoodleLearning builds confidence and ability by creating every child a personalised work programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Select one or try all classes DoodleMaths, DoodleTables, DoodleEnglish or DoodleSpell to boost your child's mathematics and English skills!


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Filled with 40,000+ interactive exercises, DoodleMaths explores numerical reasoning and problem solving, giving children core skills they can use in the classroom and beyond!


Going beyond instant recall, DoodleTables helps children to understand the relationships between numbers, enabling them to truly master their times tables.


Covering spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension, DoodleEnglish builds key literacy skills and explores language in real-life contexts, bringing the curriculum to life.


DoodleSpell helps children to understand the meaning behind words and how to use them in sentences, improving their vocabulary and taking them beyond ‘look, cover, write, check’.