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Enrol into an education and care service

Don't hesitate to enrol into a service, as some services currently have vacancies. We can even help you complete the form.

There's good reason not to hesitate

All enrolments are submitted online.

To enrol, you must first join a waiting list by following the below steps, but don't be discouraged by the thought of joining a waiting list for your preferred Council service. Some of our services currently have vacancies and you may be accepted sooner than you think. Also, if you are experiencing any difficulties with the enrolment application form, Council's dedicated Education and Care team would be happy to assist you in completing the application.

Request assistance by completing an online form or phone the Education and Care team on 02 8757 9000.

To proceed to submit an application, select the required service below:

Child Care Subsidy is available for eligible families and will reduce session fees. Please contact Centrelink to see if you are eligible.

Steps to enrol into a service

Enquire about vacancies and waiting lists for centres you would like to enrol at

Allow at least 30 minutes to complete the process

There are 9 separate pages you will need to complete online. These include:

  • About the Parent page
  • About the Child page
  • Booking page
  • Second Parent page
  • Emergency Authorisation page
  • Child’s Health page
  • Child’s Medical history page
  • Personal identification / Documentation page
  • Supplementary Questions page

Make sure you have the right documents

You will need to scan or photograph the following documentation and upload it:

  • Birth certificate
  • Doctor’s details
  • Immunisation record
  • A health management plan – if your child has:
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Other health conditions
  • Medicare number
  • Any private health insurance details
  • Emergency contact details for two people
  • Photo identification:
    • Driver’s licence
    • Passport or
    • NSW Photo Card
  • Centrelink Customer Reference Number, if applicable
  • Parenting orders, parenting plans or court orders – if necessary. Including details about your child’s home, and any contact restrictions for specific people.

Fill out an online application

Visit Cumberland City Council’s Education and Care services on the relevant Smart Central booking site below:

You can apply for individual centres by entering the name of the centre, suburb you want or your preferred postcode in the search field.

You will need to create an account and log in if this is the first time you have enrolled into a Council education and care service.

Education and Care Code of Conduct Handbook

This handbook clarifies standards of behaviour that are expected from educators, parents, families and children of Cumberland Council’s Education and Care services.

Further information

If you need help with the application process, phone our Education and Care team on 02 8757 9000.